Saturday, February 17, 2007

Of Two Minds

Interesting dust-up this week about a guy who got a PhD in paleontology despite being a YEC (Young Earth Creationist). The arguments mostly revolve around whether this guy should or shouldn't receive a degree, since he apparently can act like a scientist, he just doesn't believe the science he is doing is true. I got into it with some YECs and IDiots here, and I was quite astonished at how ready people were to defend what has to be either hypocrisy or some extreme form of postmodern relativism. One of their weirder moves is to say that the anti-Ross forces are ignoring "objective reality" because in objective reality Ross did some science and got it approved. Of course, the more fundamental objective reality of the actual age of the universe doesn't apparently matter to them.

But mostly I don't care about whether he gets his official piece of paper or not. I just want to know what's going inside the guy's head. He's obviously split himself pretty radically. Everyone has different modes of thought in different circumstances, different frameworks they apply to different parts of their life, but few do it to this extent and get written up in the Times for it.

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