Monday, December 24, 2007

Where are the blogs of yesteryear?

My favority brilliant lefty blogs have a habit of dying sudden deaths:
  • Fafblog, surrealistic snark. Ceased being updated a year and a half ago.

  • Whisky Bar, mordant, trenchant, informed analysis. Site pulled down abruptly,
    but lives on in the Internet Archive, and has an ongoing fan site Moon of Alabama.

  • The Poor Man, general mockery of wingnuttery. Seems to have died recently, would normally be managing the Golden Winger awards for 2007. Also lives on in archives.

This keeps happening. I predict Who is IOZ? will be the next to go. It has the same level of acidic, incendiary brilliance that leads to sudden flare-out.

Fortunately, there is really no shortage of good, biting material on the left -- the Bush administration has spawned a cottage industry. But I still miss the above trio.

TGGP notes a similar phenomenon in his rather different corner of the blogiverse.


TGGP said...

I didn't have that much to copy over to my site. I wouldn't know how to do something like this.

goatchowder said...

(Wakes up)
Hummm, huh? Blogs disappearing?

Oh good, Rude Pundit is still around.

Juan Cole is still going strong.

And, the Sacred Order of the Shrill is still screeching.

Even the running bar brawl between Oliver Willis and his wingnut trolls is still roiling along with broken noses, bone fractures, and multiple contusions and lacerations.

Going back to sleep now, knowing that the future of the republic is in good hands.