Wednesday, February 27, 2008

White nationalists for Obama; Jews for white nationalism

OK, this is just weird:

"It depends on what Barack Obama does," [odious racist Jared] Taylor replied. "I mean his blackness in and of itself would not necessarily be a handicap. I'd vote for Thomas Sowell (a conservative economist at Stanford's Hoover Institution, who is black) over just about any white candidate likely to come up."

Obama, he said, "is smart enough to try to have a kind of aracial presidency. ..."I think he's got the right touch, absolutely the right touch."He continued: "People are so eager to have a man who can really unite America as he promises to do that I think they will forgive him those things, and I'm not sure I wouldn't be prepared to forgive him those things too. He's an intelligent and serious man and he realizes that he cannot be a 'black' president."

Apparently the Obama magic extends even to the ability to charm neo-Nazi shitheads. That is kind of scary.

Non-Obama related, but also weirding me out in the linked article:
The last gathering ended with long-simmering hostilities between neo-Nazis and Jewish white nationalists spilling into the open.

Jewish white nationalists! I guess there is some number Jews who really, really hate the schvartzers; to the point where they are ready to make common cause with Nazis. More on this curious phenomenon.


TGGP said...

By the transitive property of Ron Paul, we thus prove that Obama is a white nationalist neo-nazi.

Prozium seems to have a similar view of things. His co-blogger Iceman explicitly denied being a WN, and I think is instead a Nordicist. Lawrence Auster portrays Obama as preferrable to McCain here and says they have the same Iraq policy here. I would agree with that policy if he replaced "Iraq" with "Afghanistan". Fuck Iraq, al Qaeda in the Land of the Two Rivers can kill shi'ites and be killed in return to their heart's content as far as I'm concerned.

TGGP said...

For an example of a pro-war anti-Obama white nationalist very opposed to anti-semitism that is not Lawrence Auster, see the Inverted World.

Black Sea said...

Around five years ago, the New Yorker ran an article on the Aryan Brotherhood and its rise within the California prison system. One of the gang's principal members was half-Jewish, and, not surprisingly, had a swastika tattoed on one shoulder, and a Star of David on the other.

So who says we can't all get along?