Monday, May 05, 2008

Clinton is not qualified to be president, and assorted political links

Not that that has stopped others in the past, but every week I am convinced she doesn't have the required character for the job. By continuing to pander to the worst elements of American culture, she is far more patronizing than anything Obama has ever said. Kleiman's site has a number of other relevant comments nearby.

Speaking of Obama, Arthur Silber has a stirring defence of Jeremiah Wright, along with some personal history and some pointers to a long history of medical abuse of African Americans, which I was mostly unfamiliar with. Open Left explains how Jeremiah's relation to Obama is not symmetrical to the relationship between rightwingers and right-wing preachers.

And speaking of rightwingers, The American Conservative has a common-sensical defense of Wright, or at least Obama's connection to him.

And speaking of Open Left, they have a nice series on the relationship of the resurgent progressive movement and the Internet. I think they are overplaying their argument -- the Internet empowers right-wing haters just as much as it does left-wing groups. As one of the commenters states, mass movements are quite distinct from electoral politics and are not always progressive in nature.

Still, I think it is true that the internet has the potential to reshape politics, and it is progressives who are best positioned to take advantage of it.

And to anyone who found their way here from Odessa Syndicate: welcome, make yourselves at home, try not to smash the furniture.

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TGGP said...

I discuss some mass movements here.

What page at Odessa Syndicate is linking to you? It seemed like Prozium was getting better, but it seems he is off his meds and crazy again. I'm not sure if he's more or less entertaining than when he was relatively sane.