Wednesday, August 01, 2012

(near) Googlewhackblatt: quasidemic

Darn, came really close to coining the word quasidemic but there are a few existing uses.  Actually they all seem to be copies of this HuffPo article on the Dalai Lama which uses it in hyphenated form, so I am going to claim near-originality here.

Meaning: places like SRI, BBN, PARC, and other non-academic research labs that are or purport to be doing academic sorts of intellectual work.

Considering I have been in and out of these places for many years it is odd that I had to invent a word to describe them. (Currently working on going from in to out, so doing some reflection I guess).

[update: whoops, a Googlewhack is a two-word Google query, so my coinage is closer to a Googlewhackblatt.]

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