Monday, September 09, 2013

Proposed Extensions to the Booleans

A quasitechnical nonproposal (ref):


true because I say so
true because God says so
hidden truth
ultimate truth
penultimate truth
self-contradictory truth1
true in all possible worlds
true even in impossible worlds
ironically true
true because the powerful have decreed it true
true despite that the powerful have tried to make it false
necessarily true
too beautiful not to be true
true for me but not for you
true for you but not for me2
true for all practical purposes
truth eventually universal; but for now unevenly distributed3
true for anybody with a shred of self-respect
truth of the master
truth of the slave
truth of the parent
truth of the child
forbidden truth
really forbidden truth
unspeakable truth
unbearable truth
truth nearly but not quite dead from overexposure
mostly true
sort-of true
occasionally true
conventional truth
conventionally unconventional truth4
self-aggrandizing truth
self-effacing truth
true because least improbable alternative
bought and paid for truth
casualty of war truth
official truth
underground truth
tentative truth
overbearing truth
true irregardless
true to truth itself
true despite all appearances



1 h/t G. Spencer-Brown's imaginary values
2 h/t "Bob" Dobbs: “I don’t practice what I preach because I’m not the kind of person I’m preaching to
4 aka "SlatePitch"


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