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Monday, May 05, 2003

The Loyal Opposition

Idea for an essay: "The Loyal Opposition" -- the left has problems
because it is almost by definition "the opposition". This attitude of
opposing can shade into nihilism unless its balanced by "loyal". In
Britain, to the nation in the person of the queen. But in the US, to
what? The president is not the personification of the state and is
definitely not above the political fray. To the flag? No. Most
leftists have their loyality to ideas and ideals, maybe to ideals that
are identified with the US but often to others. And ideas are too
abstract. Often they are contradictory and muddled, too (like freedom
and equality for isntance -- both good but often in opposition to each

So, how to be a loyal oppposition?

See also: Satan!

Thursday, May 01, 2003

sick of but not at work

I'm at home with a cold. Haven't left the house in a couple of days.
I'm sitting in on a typical boring phone meeting (Accuchem FrontEnd Project
Team). My biggest worry now with AccuChem is not getting fired, but getting
too used to it and not having the energy to leave. I find the stupid
practices occasionally making sense, I find myself thinking that large
teams might be useful sometimes...argh, it's the Stockholm Syndrome!

Frank Johnson said that "I'm becoming a team player", but in fact that
means I'm really not giving much of a rat's ass about stuff, so I've
stopped complaining. I can kick back, do a bit of work, spend time on
my side project (PathWhacker).