Friday, September 23, 2005

On second thought I concede

Anybody who can write a lengthy post that starts out:
Basically, I spent five years of my life, eighteen and a half thousand pounds of my own money, and probably the same again of the British taxpayers and more from my parents, on being educated by the British university system. And by God are you lot going to suffer for it. The current post is intended to discuss sports psychology, ergodicity, broadcasting rights, the von Neumann/Morgenstern axioms in economics, Turing Machine incomputability, the Rand Corporation, medieval alchemists and option pricing. Although it may end up digressing ....
is clearly more important than me, and I humbly yield.

I seem to be getting drawn to the world of erudite blogging political economists, where I am in way over my head. But this is a big step up from what net discourse was like in the old days, where every political argument devolved into a debate between simple-minded libertarianism on one side, and everything and -body else on the other.

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