Monday, February 27, 2006

More godstuff

Stupid blogger won't let me edit this post, so adding some updates here. Really, it's time to upgrade to a better publishing system. And to move onto a more sensible topic.

: I see I've addressed the topic before, although I'd forgotten about it. I really have to get a blog with tags or categories or something, which would help impose some order on the randomness. Update 1a: here too I'm explicitly defending religious modes of thought and invoking Pascal Boyer and Dan Dennett, before his current book.

Update 2: Sifu Tweety at The Poor Man was animated by the same spirits I was:
For the past few weeks I’ve been composing in my head an e-mail to PZ Myers on the subject of religion.
Yes, all us moderates are witnessing to the villiage atheists and trying to get them to mellow out a little bit. It probably just annoys them.

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