Friday, August 31, 2007


If fucking Belgium can't manage to resolve its ethnic tensions, how in the world can anybody expect it to happen in Iraq, where they don't have a long tradition of chocolate, waffles, and weird paintings to stabilize the place?

See also: Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Spain (Basques), Canada, Rwanda...

There's been absolutely no mention of this in the US press as far as I can tell, but here's some reportage.

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TGGP said...

Paul Belien is from around there, though I don't know if he's Francophone or Flemish. He's written a book called A Throne in Brussels and has a website called the Brussels Journal which cover such things. He is something like the Lawrence Auster of western continental europe, though I have to admit I haven't read all that much by him or nearly as much Auster as Mencius Moldbug has.