Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Difference of opinion

On the left, opinions differ as to the meaning of Obama:

It's a new era:
I would amplify this and point out that it's time to get ready for a party that is being taken apart and rebuilt as the Obama movement. It's incredibly refreshing, in a sense, for politics to be completely reimagined on top of the internet and with a strong focus on leadership development, volunteers, and outside of DC leadership disdainful of partisanship and the give and take of politics-as-usual. ... it's time to think through the consequences of a party where there is a new chief with massive amounts of power..We have a leader, and he's not a partisan and he can now end fractious intraparty fights with a word and/or a nod. His opinion really matters in a way that even Nancy Pelosi's just did not. He has control of the party apparatus, the grassroots, the money, and the messaging environment. He is also, and this is fundamental, someone that millions of people believe in as a moral force.
Or, not so much:
Even if we assume that Obama genuinely wishes to alter our political system, the critical point is unchanged: one individual cannot do it. It is folly to believe otherwise. More bluntly: it is deeply, profoundly stupid. And the truth is very different from this idiotic fantasy: Obama is the perfect embodiment of the system as it now exists. He will challenge it on no issue of importance. To the contrary, he will advance the goals of the ruling class and ensure that the powerful are fully protected. He will lie to you about all of this, as he already has on numerous occasions ...
Oh, well. Silber is probably right, but I can't help hoping that this time Lucy won't jerk the football away from Charlie Brown.

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TGGP said...

Silber is one of the most egregious purveyors of "ethical pornography", but I side with him as well. Some differing views on Obama from the paleo-right here.