Sunday, October 10, 2010

In the vortex we are all free

I need to have a tag for "semi-interesting, semi-weird things I stumble upon in downtown SF while waiting for my kids to finish their activities". Last time it was a Ron Paul rally, today it was a piece of the Bioneers Conference, which is some sort of high-end new-age green whole-earthy gathering. They were having a free film screening at the SF Library so I saw some of these visions of doom:

Here's a quite good one from the same series, in which Werner Herzog provides the voice for a plastic bag on an existential quest:

Plastic Bag Trailer (By Futurestates and narrated by Werner Herzog) from Strawberry Earth on Vimeo.

Like the Singularity Summit, there's a few things going on at Bioneers that seem interesting (like a Buckminster Fuller workshop and a session on green chemistry) but the general atmosphere would give me hives. And it seems way too much like a trade show for some shady industry.


Anonymous said...

Not sure to what sort of "vortex" you refer - the "Bioneers" don't seem to have anything to do with Descartes' vortex theory, or the British vorticists associated with Wyndham Lewis, Ezra Pound, etc. Is this some sort of pop-cultural allusion?

mtraven said...

Watch the second video.

Anonymous said...

I see - lost patience with it the first time I tried to view it, and quit before the first mention (at 11 minutes+) of a vortex.