Sunday, August 14, 2011

Working on my own supertheory

Through the maelstrom of the knowledge
Into labyrinth of doubt
Frozen underground ocean
melting - nuking on my mind

Yes give me Everything Theory
Without Nazi uniformity
My brothers are protons
My sisters are neurons
Stir it twice, it's instant family!


TGGP said...

I believe you've referenced Debra Satz' book a few times (or I've confused you with someone else). Russ Roberts' most recent EconTalk was with here. I haven't checked it out yet though, I still haven't gotten to Banerjee.

mtraven said...

I have mentioned Satz (although I've only skimmed a couple of her chapters), so thanks for the pointer.

BTW, here's Latour citing Seeing Like a State approvingly, you might find it interesting.

TGGP said...

I found it rather boring, but it got me wondering what James Scott would think of it.

It also occurred to me that being a pragmatist shouldn't imply buying into democracy/liberalism. No fixed ideas! No fixed ideas!

TGGP said...

I finally got around to listening to Satz and found that boring, with little I haven't heard before or even phrased in an interesting way. Maybe she herself was not acting as a good advertisement for her book. I recall John McWhorter making a good pitch for "Race, Wrongs and Remedies", but when Amy Wax actually appeared I don't think she did a very good job (though I'm sympathetic to some of her argument). At any rate, for libertarian-needling David Graeber and Jacob Levy are going to maintain more mindshare.

mtraven said...

Oddly, I just heard of Graeber a couple of days ago (via bhyde). I haven't had time to look into the blog-debates he's embroiled in in any detail, but it looks like the libertarian-minded are completely missing the point, which surprises me not at all.