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Monday, July 29, 2013


Driven by the somewhat egotistical notion that my writings should be readable, I did a pretty drastic redesign of the blog’s template (while resisting the urge to move to Wordpress or write my own software from scratch). Feedback welcome, but I think it’s a big improvement. Out of the dark ages!

This wanted to be the new epigraph, but it was way too long:
Just as the body (its organs and functions) has been chiefly known and revealed not by the prowess of the strong but by the disorders of the weak, the sick, the infirm, and injured (health being incommunicative and a source of that vastly mistaken impression that everything proceeds as a matter of course), it is the disturbances of the mind, its dysfunctions which shall be my informants. More than the all too excellent mental skills of the metaphysicians, it is thee dementias, the backwardnessess, the deliriums, the ecstasies and agonies, the breakdowns in mental skills which are really suited to reveal us to ourselves. 
– Henri Michaux, The Major Ordeals of the Mind (and countless minor ones)

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scw said...

Your new typographic dress is much more legible than what preceded it.