Friday, October 07, 2005

My Back Pages

Hah, I just found that the earlier incarnation of this blog still exists in the memory of the internet archive: Same topics as the current one, pretty much: doom, religion, software, politics, economic thinking, making up words, family life, anarchism, mathematics -- roughly in that order.

Actually, it looks like many of the older posts are missing or have been trampled upon when I let the website registration lapse. Foo. Well, I have them all on disk actually, including my proposal for "The Association of Anarchist Parents", which I will have to repost.


goatchowder said...

Might be possible to import it into your current software. It's be worthwhile to have the continuity, if you have the time to do the importing. Those topics look interesting.

Ben Hyde said...

Lot of good that's doing society: